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4-Week Bootcamp To Help You Uncover Your Big Tech IDEA

Everyone Is Meant To Become A TECH ENTREPRENEUR And This Experience Will Help You START THE PROCESS

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“We will launch 10,000 tech companies by 2031 and my hope and desire is that at least 50 of these BIG IDEAS come from Concordia University.”

-Jared Yellin,
Co-Founder of CILA Labs

90-Minute Training For


Online Community For All Members

Tons Of Collateral Resources

Live Q&A With YEM Faculty (8/9 Figure Entrepreneurs)

What Will Take Place Over The 4-Week Bootcamp?

First off, congratulations for even being here!


My name is Jared Yellin and I am the Co-Founder of CILA Labs. You have probably not heard of CILA yet, but I promise you will and in a VERY big way.


CILA is poised to launch 10,000 tech companies by 2031 as a result of partnering with people like YOU…


People who see an inefficiency in life or business…

People who understand what they wish they can do, but currently can’t…

People who can communicate their optimal solution…

People who feel called to do something extremely meaningful in their life…


During this 4-Week Bootcamp, which begins on May 12th, I am going to personally walk you through a process with my Chief of Product at CILA Labs, Eric Nowoslawski, to help you find your BIG IDEA.


Just so you know, this experience is guaranteed to change your life, and there is NO hype with this statement, it will be life-altering for you!

90-Minute Training For


Online Community For All Members

Tons Of Collateral Resources

Live Q&A With YEM Faculty (8/9 Figure Entrepreneurs)

Module 1 - Inefficiencies Are Everywhere - Let’s Find Yours

May 12th at 6:30 to 8pm (EEST)


It’s fair to say that 2020 has been the year of exposing more inefficiencies than ever before. From COVID impacting every person on the planet, unemployment rates soaring, dramatic political changes, employees working from home, and industries being demolished with lockdowns, there is more opportunity right here and right now to launch a world-changing tech company than any time in our history. 


During this module, we are going to discuss all of the different conduits, pockets, and access points for inefficiencies that exist for people and businesses. This is going to be such a fun session because you are going to realize that inefficiencies are literally everywhere! 


Solving an inefficiency within an industry, community, or even the world is legacy-creating work due to the impact it will make and the economic output it will produce.


Module 2 - Transform Your Big IDEA Into A Meaningful SOLUTION

May 19th at 6:30 to 8pm (EEST)


During this module, you are going to learn how to crystalize your idea with  Eric Nowoslawski, Chief of Product for CILA Labs. Eric’s ability to transform a big IDEA into a meaningful SOLUTION is uncanny and he will reverse engineer how he does this so that YOU can deploy this proven process within your own BIG IDEA. The clearer you can get, the greater the chance that CILA Labs will say YES to partnering with you. 


“Engineers really struggle with BIG IDEAS because they are more often than not elusive, esoteric, and abstract, but when that BIG IDEA becomes a series of use-cases (aka A SOLUTION) magic happens and I am committed to making a TON of magic happen in my lifetime.” -Jared Yellin


Module 3 - Prepare Your Pitch To Attract ROCKSTARS To Your Team

May 26th at 6:30 to 8pm (EEST)

During this module, you will see exactly what we need at CILA Labs in order to understand your idea and determine if we are meant to partner with you to launch a tech company together. We will also give you a templated pitch deck to complete with your pitch and once it’s ready, we are ready to hear the pitch. Whether you work with CILA or not, this module is game changing because you will gain the confidence to boldly declare what you will do in the world which is required to attract the right people who will support your mission. 


Module 4 - Now That You Have A BIG IDEA, Here’s Your 30-Day Action Plan

May 31st at 6:30 to 8pm (EEST)

Most people sit on their BIG IDEA for years or even a lifetime. Did you know that the vast majority of life-altering ideas reside in the graveyard because people are either too afraid to take action OR they simply don’t have any idea what to do? This breaks our heart and we are committed to catching 10,000 ideas in the next 10 years before they die with the beholder. During this module, we will share EXACTLY what you need to do for the next 30-days now that your BIG IDEA is clear and ready for you to take MASSIVE action. This module will set you in motion and help you actualize what you are destined to create in the world.

“I know this statement is bold, but I also know if you are RIGHT for this experience you will appreciate my certainty. This 4-week bootcamp is EXACTLY what you need. Join us and never look back.” -Jared Yellin

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This Is An Opportunity That You Can’t Afford To Miss If You See Yourself As An Entrepreneur!

Join Us For Only $97

“Everyone has THEIR MOMENT…

THEIR MOMENT to shine.
THEIR MOMENT to make a difference.

THEIR MOMENT to create financial abundance.
THEIR MOMENT to have it all.

But most people are NOT AWARE of THEIR MOMENT.

Don’t be most people.”

-Jared Yellin

You Will Learn From Two Of The Most Impactful People In All Of Tech!

Jared Yellin

Jared Yellin is a parallel entrepreneur who focuses on launching companies that even the playing field. From marketing solutions, to educational platforms, simple sales training, and so much more, Jared has supported over 100,000 small business owners over the past 10+ years. He brings a depth of knowledge on marketing and scaling a business (while “having it all”) that is not only diverse but is also extremely practical and proven. In fact, his no-nonsense style to growth allows people of all levels to thrive when it comes to meeting and exceeding their goals. 


Jared has a number of life-altering companies including SYNDUIT, the first marketing platform with content for your industry that is currently supporting over 40,000 small businesses from around the world. In addition, Jared founded CILA Labs which is a technology incubator that builds technological ideas with and for non-tech entrepreneurs AT COST and then focuses on massive acceleration and positive disruption. He recently launched ChangeMaker Ventures, an Angel Investor Network that has over 100 members and climbing. He is a father to two beautiful children, Taylee and Ryker, and he has committed his life to doing whatever possible to create more freedom with his kids. Jared is currently on a mission to help 10,0000 non-tech entrepreneurs build their technical ideas so that together industries, communities and the world change for the better.

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Eric Nowoslawski

Eric Nowoslawski is the Chief of Product of CILA Labs. His flame work is anytime he is able to help a company 20x their idea by going from a napkin concept to a cash flowing vision. 

Early in Eric’s life, his parents put a heavy emphasis on learning and adventure that he takes with him to this day. Eric has seen, hiked, and ate his way through every contiguous state of the US lower 48 all before he was 18. He was heavily engaged in sports his entire life from pole vaulting, Ironman races, and CrossFit. 

Eric solidified his love for business initiation and growth while working at the Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce where he helped hundreds of businesses form strategic partnerships, increase their sales, and increase their visibility. 

Eric is a firm believer in building networks and adding value to every relationship he can. If you’re reading this, don’t be afraid to find him on LinkedIn! His name certainly makes him easy to find!

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The Benefits You Stand To Gain Will Transform Your Life...

This experience is exactly what you need if you have the desire to become an entrepreneur, especially a tech entrepreneur.

Just so that this is super clear, here’s what the program entails…

90-Minute Training For


Online Community For All Members

Tons Of Collateral Resources

Live Q&A With YEM Faculty (8/9 Figure Entrepreneurs)

The 90-Minute Weekly Training will teach you how to find your BIG IDEA!

The Online Community will be your place for collaboration.

The Collateral Resources will help organize this process for you.

The Live Q&A will answer your questions.


But here’s the real benefit…


You will walk away with a VERY clear BIG IDEA and have the potential to partner with CILA Labs, only if you want, to help bring this idea to life.


Once again…


This is a LIFE-ALTERING experience for you, your family, and your legacy!


Flick Away Any Doubt, Any Fear, Any Limitation That Currently Stands In Your Way And Just Say YES!

Join Us For Only $97

“Even when everything in the world feels like it’s crumbling, innovation will always prevail because innovation is always the solution and technology is the easiest place to innovate.”

-Jared Yellin

Meet CILA Labs, The Most Vertically Integrated Company In The World

We have a big, bold, and audacious mission that is also a non-negotiable for CILA Labs and all of our partners…

10,000 Tech Companies By 2031!

We are more than a technology incubator.

We BUILD your ideas by becoming your Co-Founder…

AND, we do this AT COST!

YES, everything is at cost including Software Development, Go-To-Market, Sales, Customer Support, Branding, Legal, Finances, Administration, etc. 

We also own an Angel Investor Network and a Crowdfunding Platform so funding is never an issue for great ideas. 
And most importantly…

We are IN IT to WIN IT with you so that you are not trying to build, scale, and sell your big idea on your own, but instead...we are doing it TOGETHER!

Do you want a REAL technology team and a business partner with a proven track record?


When You Complete This Bootcamp And Come Up With A BIG IDEA You Will Automatically Experience The CILA Method


Phase One of the CILA Method is extremely exciting for everyone involved because this is where we act like everything is possible and we document every detail that comes to mind for the product that we are about to build. Make sure to come to this phase with zero limitations and a world filled with endless opportunities. Plus, we have specific questions we will pose in order to stimulate creativity while leading us into the second phase of innovation.


We are now going to innovate which means we will have the CILA development team structure a 30-60-90 day plan to build a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). In order to achieve this milestone, we must step into the world of innovation where we begin to simplify the first version of our product in order to deliver on time, get meaningful data, and generate cash flow to fund ongoing development. Phase two is the most critical step in the CILA Method.


There are not many rules at CILA, but one of the most prominent other than LIVE WITH INTEGRITY is to LAUNCH within 90-days of the first line of code being written. This is absolutely essential so that no product is overdeveloped and this launch fast approach will enable us to collect the appropriate data to see if we are on the right track or if a pivot is needed. Plus, the goal is that by day 120 we are able to continue funding the company through cash flow.


We have a core belief at CILA which is rapid acceleration and the most effective way to achieve this outcome is through the deep levels of relationship capital we have established over the years of “doing the right thing.” We believe that every business is one relationship away from a positive explosion and we seek to find this relationship as quickly as possible so that we can dramatically accelerate the growth of the new company and product.

CILA Labs Is More Than A Technical

Co-Founder, Rather, A Dream Come

True For Your Tech Idea!



Mobile app

Product Management




customer support





strategic planning

YES, All Of This Is Done AT COST -

We Only Win, When The Company WINS!

Just Take A Look At What These Co-Founders Of Portfolio Companies Have To Say
About CILA Labs


Josh O.

Co-Founder of Claim Guru

There is nothing like CILA Labs. Yes, I was extremely skeptical to give up equity in my company, but I am telling you right here and right now, you are CRAZY to try and do this on your own. CILA is what EVERY tech idea needs. And one more point, working with CILA is fun. There is no stress and it feels wonderful to have a partner who is really a partner.

Chantelle V.

Co-Founder of Carli.ai

I have been an entrepreneur my entire life and even attempted to launch my own tech companies before. When I learned of CILA Labs I thought it was too good to be true, but it’s just TRUE! My experience with this company has changed my life forever. It’s also fascinating how CILA is able to work at COST. This gives everyone a chance.

Peggy M.

Co-Founder of Field Pocket

I never saw myself as a Tech Co-Founder until my first call with CILA Labs when they said my idea was ‘AMAZING.’ That word ‘AMAZING’ spoke to my soul and when we agreed to partner, I literally saw my dream become a reality. I AM A TECH FOUNDER and you will be too when you work with CILA. If you are on the fence, just say YES!


Are You Beginning To See Why This Is SUCH An Exciting And Life-Altering Opportunity?

Join Us For Only $97

“If you are aware of something that is inefficient in your life or business AND what your absolute ideal outcome is then you are a tech entrepreneur." 

-Jared Yellin

Who Is Perfect For This 4-Week Bootcamp?


YOU are the perfect person for this experience if your heart is racing, you are beginning to sweat, and you are searching for your credit card to sign up because everything about this opportunity is speaking to your soul…

You can’t imagine NOT doing this…
You can’t fathom PASSING on this opportunity of a lifetime…
You can’t WAIT for it to begin!

Here’s the deal…

You know whether OR not you are perfect for the experience and if you are perfect, then please make sure this lands…

Don’t wait even one second - just join us - get ready - here we go!

But to help you make this decision, here are some of the characteristics of the RIGHT person…


Called To Do Something Big

Motivated and Determined

Problem Solver

Interested In Technology

Loves Sales

Wants To Make A Ton OF Money

Driven To Make A Difference

VERY Excited Right Now!

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The Time Is Here And The Time Is Now...Will You Join Us?

Join Us For Only $97

“When we are pulled to do something that feels so outside of our ordinary it’s because our calling is louder than our doubt and our ultimate desire is more powerful than our fear.”

-Jared Yellin

Frequently Asked Questions

If I come up with a BIG IDEA, will CILA Labs partner with me?


You will have the opportunity to go through the CILA Labs idea submission process which is the next step to partner with our company.


What if I am unable to attend the sessions live?


Each session is archived and will be posted within 24-hours for you to watch for a first time or multiple times.


Will we get access to the replays?


Yes, you will have lifetime access to this program.


What if I have questions throughout the experience?


We will have LIVE Q&A sessions, plus you will be part of our community where you can post any questions and the instructors will chime in to offer support. 


Will we have access to other members of the program?


YES! In the online community you will be able to collaborate with all of the members.

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