Jared Yellin, Co-Founder & CEO

Jared Yellin stands to create radical transparency in the world of software development for non-tech entrepreneurs.

Jared is a father to two beautiful children, Taylee and Ryker, and he has committed his life to doing whatever possible to create more freedom with his kids.


He is also a parallel entrepreneur who focuses on launching companies that even the playing field.


From marketing solutions…

To educational platforms…

Simple sales training…

And so much more!


Jared has already supported thousands of small business owners over the past 10+ years and he brings a depth of knowledge on marketing and scaling a business (while “having it all”) that is not only diverse but is also extremely practical and proven. In fact, his no-nonsense style to growth allows people of all levels to thrive when it comes to meeting and exceeding their goals.


Jared is the Founder of SYNDUIT, the first marketing platform with content for your industry that is currently supporting thousands of small businesses from around the world. In addition, Jared Founded CILA Labs which is a technology incubator that builds technological ideas with and for non-tech entrepreneurs AT COST plus and then focuses on massive acceleration and positive disruption. 


Finally, Jared’s mission is filled with a desire to serve as it focuses on the following:


“I am driven to help 10,000 non-tech entrepreneurs build their technical ideas so that together we can change industries, communities and the world.”

Mani Soundararajan, Co-Founder & CTO

Mani Soundararajan started writing computer programs at age 11 in BASIC, on a borrowed ZX Spectrum, storing his programs on a cassette tape. Luckily for him, his school soon started a computer lab where he would spend most of his free time. Through school and college, Mani learned programming languages, problem-solving, analytical thinking and the discipline to focus.


In his professional career spanning over two decades, Mani has worked on a range of technologies - from Microsoft’s early web stack (ASP, Visual Basic/C++, SQL Server) to running embedded firmware on a 32-bit ARM 7 processor to working on open source technologies.


In 2002, Mani joined MobiApps, a Bangalore, India based start-up that was building GPS based vehicle tracking systems for trucks and buses, targeted at fleet managers who wanted real-time status on the location of their fleet. It was here that Mani pivoted from the service industry to the product industry. Mani played a variety of roles here: developing the fleet management system with real-time map visualization, developing the embedded firmware for the tracking device, installing the tracking device on trucks/buses, debugging problems remotely on the phone, and when needed, even soldering chips on the circuit board and burning the latest software updates on a CD to be shipped to the customer. This experience enabled Mani to be the Chief Technology Officer of later companies.


In 2007, Mani started his own software consulting firm, Xemla Tech, which was later acquired by Infanion. Here, Mani worked on developing web-based applications using Drupal. Mani started Xemla Tech as a one-person company and soon grew it to more than 20 people working on multiple projects. Mani was actively involved in mentoring the team and setting up software development processes. Apart from running the web server, Mani was running an email server which serviced about 40 customer domains. Mani also ran a git server (that was before Github was a thing) to manage various source code repositories.


In 2013, Mani moved to New York and joined SYNDUIT. Over the next seven years, he built a rock-solid software engineering team and launched several innovative product features. Mani pioneered the adoption of microservices and Docker container technology at SYNDUIT. Mani also helped SYNDUIT transition from a relational database to MongoDB, a schema-less document-based database that allows the technology team to innovate faster and adapt quickly to ever-changing business needs. At SYNDUIT, Mani preaches and practices the DevOps philosophy - fast flow, feedback, and continuous learning and experimentation.


In 2019, Mani moved to Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


In 2020, Mani co-founded CILA Labs - a first of its kind technology incubator with a goal of helping non-tech entrepreneurs realize their tech-based startup idea.


Mani cares deeply about the Software Engineering discipline. He believes that good software starts with a loosely-coupled highly-cohesive architecture - but that is just the beginning - good software engineering discipline also covers testing, benchmarks, logging, metrics, and traces. Mani is of the opinion that software must be written first and foremost for humans to read, understand, and maintain, and second for computers to interpret and execute.


Mani is very passionate about the Internet - and supports organizations like EFF and CitizenLab that defend our rights in the online world. Mani is optimistic about the future and dreams about a more open and decentralized web.


And yes, Mani is happily married and has an awesome son who is his main man!