Do You Mind If We Share Our Story…?

We have a feeling that you either can relate directly OR what you are about to read is going to create seismic concern, but just so you know...this is the exact outcome we are looking to cause…


One of our Co-Founders is Jared Yellin.


Jared is what we call a parallel entrepreneur because he launches many companies at the same time - this is why CILA makes soooooo much sense!


Now, back to the story…


One of Jared’s companies is called SYNDUIT.


SYNDUIT was founded in 2011 as a marketing agency and it scaled VERY quickly. 


Within one year, hundreds of clients, massive team, beautiful office, and from anyone’s perspective...wildly successful company.


But for did not satisfy him.


“Each new client meant that I had to hire someone to manage that client and the one thing I hate in business is when a company can only scale through hiring,” said Jared.


So at the end of 2012, he decided that SYNDUIT was destined to support 1,000,000 small business owners, but not as an agency, rather a Virtual Marketing Department (VMD) aka SaaS marketing platform.


There was one problem though and this is where the story is going to speak to your soul…


Jared is an entrepreneur, but not an engineer.


He could not build this solution and he was faced with a brilliant idea dying inside OR finding a way…


So he started to speak with other software entrepreneurs to find out HOW software is built and he learned there is only TWO ways…


Way #1 - Build your own team which is VERY expensive, very time-consuming and very risky because it is VERY hard to find the right talent.


Way #2 - Hire a development company to build your idea for you!


Well, Way #2 was the only way that Jared saw his vision for a VMD to come to life so he started to interview dozens and dozens of prospective companies until he found one based out of Massachusetts that seemed to understand the vision.


He got a quote of $750,000 and 10-months of time and he said, let’s do it!


At the end of 10-months, Jared was given his product which was 50% of what he expected and his final invoice which showed a scary number…




The company missed its estimate by $1.5 million and delivered only half of what Jared expected…


BONKERS, but all too common in the software development space.


The one good thing that happened is that this software development company hired a contractor who happened to be a mile from Jared’s office so there was someone on site with him. 


This man was Mani Soundararajan who was originally from India and owned a very large development company before he sold out and moved to the USA to create a better life for his beautiful family.


Mani and Jared hit it off and then one day Mani did not show up at work.


Jared called numerous times and finally Mani told Jared that when the project was done he would share why he left…


Well, a few months later and some massive financial bruises as well, the project was done and it was time for Jared to call Mani.


Ring, ring ring…


“Hey Mani, it’s Jared and I have two questions for you…


#1- Will you come back?

#2- Why did you leave?”


Mani said, “I will start tomorrow and I left because I could not handle watching you get taken advantage of by this Massachusetts based company.”

Please read this again…


“I left because I could not handle watching you get taken advantage of…”


Okay, this is Jared right now and I want you to know that I GET YOU!


You are just like me…


An entrepreneur who is NOT techy that has TONS of tech ideas and you have no idea where to go in order to create your ideas.


This was and is the reason CILA exists.


I ended up building a relatively large development team in India (all contractors initially) and paid everyone exceptionally well.


But they were all contractors which have a host of limitations and Mani and I decided to set up a company in India to employ each of these beautiful people so that they could have it all.


This is why CILA is your answer because when you work with us, we are building you a dedicated team of ROCKSTAR talent consisting of 10-15 people to Create, Innovate, Launch, and Accelerate your idea AT COST!


We don’t make any profit unless you do…


Yes, we charge you the cost of each person…

Yes, we take a percentage of equity in this new business…

Yes, we take insane responsibility to ensure this new business is successful.


Take it from me, this is the opportunity of a lifetime if you are a non-techy entrepreneur with a technological idea.


We have a track record and the team, you have the idea and the drive, and TOGETHER we will achieve more!


And btw, thank you for reading this story. 


I wrote it for you…


Literally, for you because I hear you, I see you, and what you say matters to me because we are cut from a common cloth and we are meant to work together.

And just in case you were wondering, here are our codes that we LIVE in all areas of our integrated lives...

Radical Transparency

We work at cost, we communicate what’s on our mind, and we never hold back ANYTHING. This is true for our internal team and also with every partner we lock arms with. Get ready to expose everything and anything because Radical Transparency is the only way we operate.

Complete Integrity

Do as we say and as we do is the war cry at CILA and it is NOT only within the company, but it is also in your personal life as well. Integrity is not something you turn on and then turn off it is either who you are or not. At CILA doing the right thing regardless of who is watching is what we consider to be the only rule that matters. Complete Integrity means you can sleep easy at night and you are proud of the reflection in your mirror.

Have It All

We stand against arduous businesses because you might achieve success when grinding but it will be a bloodbath. You will be beaten, bruised, but successful and we do not believe business should be this challenging. Instead, we believe in sweat, which is hard work and intentional imbalance which is defined as being out of balance with a declared end date. CILA stands to have it all which is defined as health, family, love, kids, travel, money, hobbies, religion, and anything else you desire.

Committed Collaboration

Together we achieve more...PERIOD! With every partnership and every team at CILA we foster an environment where working together is a requirement to ensure that every idea is thought through, discussed, and fully executed upon. Collective genius is what will change the world and committed collaboration is the foundation of this outcome.

Succeed Fast And Fail Even Faster

We will only partner with entrepreneurs who have the willingness to launch a product within 90-days so that we can either succeed with speed or fail with speed but something will happen. Writing code in a room with no outside feedback is a waste of time, money, and effort so we commit to letting the world experience our genius by day 91!

Constant And Never Ending Growth

This code is so critical because the moment you stop growing is the moment you start declining. The reason we have etched this statement into the fabric of CILA is because we are fanatical about personal and professional development for the entire CILA family along with every partner we support. Growth can be disguised as scary and overwhelming and riddled with the unknown but it is also the only way to get what you want which we define (as you know) as HAVING IT ALL!

Innovate With Boundaries

There is a fine line between productive innovation and over innovation and we are very sensitive to this line because over innovation means that nothing is given the opportunity to succeed or fail. We create, test, and reflect and based on objective and subjective data we make decisions on the next round of innovation.

Romantic-less Culture

One of the reasons why many entrepreneurs hold onto their ideas too long is because they become romantic around the idea. They canoodle with it in bed at night and they overthink and overanalyze everything. We stand to NOT get emotionally attached to ideas, but rather to desired outcomes which means we are open to pivoting when the data is indicative that a change is needed. 

Serve Humanity On The Deepest Levels

CILA stands to change the world by building technology solutions to solve complex challenges for industries, communities, and every person on the planet. But it goes beyond just technology, we stand to do the right thing with our partnerships, ecosystems, influence, and everything else that we accumulate on our journey.

Okay, now that you know our genesis and our codes, does CILA feel right for you?

Let’s Unite Because The “Corest” Of Core Codes At CILA Labs Is… TOGETHER, We Achieve More!

Step 1

Complete The CILA Online Assessment

Step 2

CILA Team Will Review Your Assessment For Idea Viability

Step 3

Character Discovery Call As Long As The Idea Is Viable

Step 4

Product Discovery Call To Gather Specific Details

Step 5

Technology Discovery Call With CILA Development Team

Step 6

Partnership Discussion And Mechanics Of The Deal

Step 7

Agreement Formed And Ready To ROCK + Change The World Together!