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CILA Labs Announces Dr. Ben Lerner As A Lead Investor And Strategic Advisor

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

November 3, 2020


Dr. Ben Lerner Becomes One Of The Lead Investors For CILA Labs And Takes The Position Of Strategic Advisor

Pine Brook, NJ: CILA Labs, a technology incubator that partners with entrepreneurs with tech ideas and then transforms these ideas (at cost) into limitless scale tech products, is excited to announce Dr. Ben Lerner as a lead investor and Strategic Advisor for the company.

Dr. Ben Lerner is a two-time New York Times, USA Today, and Wall-Street Journal best-selling author with millions of books sold. He served as a chiropractor and wellness advisor for the USA Wrestling World Team in 1995. He traveled with USAW to the Atlanta, Sydney, London, and Rio Olympic Games, as well as eight world championships. He has personally worked as a doctor, nutrition, and fitness specialists for the NBA, Major League Baseball, USA Judo, USA Weightlifting, the NFL Alumni Association, and the LPGA. Additionally, he has opened up more than 100 franchises, manufactured over two dozen health care products, and consulted for over 3000 health care and corporate clients.

Dr. Ben Lerner says, “I have known Jared Yellin, Founder at CILA Labs, for over a decade and I am consistently impressed with what he has been able to do as an entrepreneur. When I first learned about CILA Labs, my mind was blown and I was eager to find a way to contribute. When Jared offered me the opportunity to be one of the lead investors and strategic advisors I knew that I found a place where we could collectively change the world.”

CILA Labs is poised to launch 10,000 tech companies by 2030 with the goal of eliminating every inefficiency that exists within every industry and even the world. The CILA business model of building tech products at cost is the answer for entrepreneurs who have ideas but are struggling with where to go, who to trust, how to scale, etc.

Jared Yellin said, “When Dr. Ben said YES, it was a milestone moment for me because I am committed to ONLY having like-minded people in the CILA Labs family. Ben is not only like-minded, but his values are 100% aligned with the CODE of our company. Plus, Ben told me that he wanted to invest in something meaningful and impactful which is why I am certain that CILA Labs is not only the best investment for his money but hands down the best time investment he could make as our Strategic Advisor.”

Dr. Ben Lerner brings a wealth of experience to CILA Labs after being the Founder of many companies across different industries (a few big exits as well), plus he is currently completing his Ph.D. in Business Administration and Management. Dr. Ben has taken a very active role in CILA Labs by supporting the company in pitches, fundraising, strategic planning, coaching and mentoring for portfolio companies, and so much more.

“I must admit - I have never had more fun and been more excited in my career. I feel like everything I have done, from the WINS to the LOSSES, has prepared me for this very moment. CILA Labs will not only launch 10,000 tech companies but will change the world at the same time,” says Dr. Ben Lerner.

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