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CILA Labs, The First Software Development Company To Develop Revolutionary Ideas At Cost, Launches

Pine Brook, NJ: Jared Yellin, Founder of SYNDUIT, and Mani Soundararajan, CTO of SYNDUIT, co-founded CILA Labs with the mission to bring integrity to the software industry after developing SYNDUIT, a virtual marketing department with content for countless industries. SYNDUIT currently has over 40,000 users and serves thousands of small businesses worldwide.

The software industry is riddled with horror stories and Jared Yellin’s journey in building SYNDUIT was no different. He interviewed dozens of prospective development companies, settling on one out of Boston that seemed to understand the product. After receiving a quote for $750,000 and a 10-month build timeline, they pushed forward. At the end of the 10 months, Jared was given a product that was 50% of what was expected and a final invoice for $1.5 million, resulting in a missed estimate by double, a half delivered product from what was expected and zero transparency during the entire process.

This software development company hired a contractor, Mani Soundararajan, who was originally from India and owned a very large development company prior to selling his equity to his partner and moved to the USA to create a better life for his beautiful family. Mani had been working directly on the project with Jared and the development company until one day he disappeared. After the project concluded, Jared and Mani had a conversation that not only resulted in Mani becoming the CTO of SYNDUIT, but also was the precursor to a tech incubator that would bring integrity into the software industry and prevent their experience from happening to countless other entrepreneurs.

Jared now stands to create radical transparency in the world of software development for non-tech entrepreneurs and, as a result, on May 26, 2020, CILA Labs was officially born.

Come with your idea, leave with a vision.

CILA Labs has received 1,000s of idea pitches since their inception a short 6 months ago. To date, CILA currently has 10+ portfolio companies, where these entrepreneurs are not only watching their vision come to life, but also joining a tribe of like-minded changeMAKER entrepreneurs on a mission to change the world.

For an entrepreneur to be offered a partnership with CILA Labs, it must not only be a WIN-WIN relationship, but also the RIGHT fit on both sides, which allows for CILA to transform the idea (at cost) into a limitless scale tech product. CILA is actively accepting pitch applications.

“I am driven to help 10,000 non-tech entrepreneurs build their technical ideas so that together we can change industries, communities and the world.” - Jared Yellin.

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